Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear: November

If you wear jade for health, wellness and "medicine", November is the month related to the lung qi energy.  You can read the entire post of what kind of jade to wear for November on the Jade Blogger previous year November post.

Most of us have lived in areas that experienced a more hot and stormy summer than in previous years.  Many of us who experienced damage to body, or property from this warmer and stormier weather may still be processing the sadness and loss.  As readers may know from previous blogs, our home was so severely damaged it had to be replaced and that grief and loss is still present.  We also over react when storms occur now.  Healing the lung meridian helps with managing the grief and loss of life's events.  And the color of jade associated with the lung meridian is white.  But white with other colors may be more helpful this November.

The Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelets have the qi energy often used by Chinese medicine for healing.  And the "river jade" bangle bracelets often have white along with other colors.

Ying Yu Jade "river jade" natural color jade bangle bracelets for health
River jade is mined near a river in China, and the minerals in the river are what cause the natural color in the jade.  Our jade carver is aware and practices Chinese medicine and purchases the jade rough then carves the jade bangles so I have a selection of jade colors that work with the meridians for health and healing.

Not sure which jade bangle is best for you?  When you look at the jade bangle selection, and you keep coming back to one or two, and you are happy with the appearance, may even drool a little, then that's your intuitive body telling you it has the qi energy that will be beneficial to you.  Trust that feeling.  And that's why if you wear jade for health, you may benefit from a collection of different kind and colors of jade.

There are also more Chinese river jade bangle bracelets listed on our sister site, JadeBangleBracelets

JBB3201 "Overcoming Obstacles" Jade Bangle Bracelet on JadeBangleBracelets
More information about jade for health is in other Jade Blogger blogs.  The topic of the post is generally related to a question people have about jade.  But you can always contact us at jadeheaven@yahoo.com if you have questions.

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