Friday, November 18, 2016

Buying (and Selling) Jade Online - Getting Ready for "Black "Friday"

Everyone is targeted this time of year to buy online and get special savings, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  How does buying jade fit into this?

Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven will have special sales.  In fact, we are following Amazon's lead and start "early" BF deals now.  One of the new features is the Layaway payment option for orders $500+.  When you choose the Layaway payment, you write in the comments box how you would like to structure your layaway.  Then we send you an invoice for your first payment, and we work out how and when you will make your next payments over 60 days, but could be longer for pricier items.  When you check out using Layaway, the item is marked as "sold" so no one else can purchase it, and we both have a record of the purchase.  If it's confusing, you can always contact us at the email address given in the information.

And we have free gifts starting now, that you add to your cart when you meet the minimum purchase price.  They are listed in the Specials, or Featured Sale sections.

And yes, we have sale prices on many items.

Here's a true story that I encountered in the past week.  A new customer has been looking for a special jadeite bangle bracelet for a special occasion.  She considered having some custom work done on it by a goldsmith.  She showed the goldsmith some of the listings.  The goldsmith told her that she probably doesn't want the kind of jade we sell, because "real jade sells for millions of dollars.  True, some of the imperial translucent green jadeite does sell for millions of dollars".  I have been told that our grade A jadeite bangle bracelets are "too cheap" to be "real" quite a few times.  This is more of the 1) misinformation and lack of knowledge, and 2) the "drama of jade" that legitimate jade sellers have to deal with.  And that makes having a jade business, especially online, very frustrating.

I am probably the only jade seller in US who has older jadeite, prior to the Lantos embargo. And yes, the prices are low, considering if you went to China and tried to buy the same thing, which they probably don't have much of.  In fact, I frequently get offers for the jadeite bangle bracelets from China and Hong Kong.  They sold these lovely jadeites years ago at very cheap prices, and now they are rare and difficult to find. But we have them!

I took a big risk when I started selling jadeite bangle bracelets.  I was still working a "regular job" 1999-2004.  During my annual vacation, I took every dollar I had been saving and went to China, made the agonizing inland trip to near the Burma border, and bartered with the jade carvers and bought as many jade bangles as I had money for and could haul home.  I brought home hundreds each trip.  Then in 2004 I stopped my regular job and did online selling because it was more fun, and I was selling a lot.  I still went to China and bought the jadeite bangles until the embargo in 2008 (which was finally ended October, 2016).  During  that time, I brought my husband with me, so we could buy more, bring more home.  We still have a home filled with jade.  I'm getting older, the "drama" around jade is getting worse, and I'm selling these jadeite bangle bracelets much lower than they should cost, but still profitable for me.  And a good price for a high quality older jadeite bangle bracelet, pendant for you.

So, you will really get a good price on our already low priced jadeite bangle bracelets and pendants during this holiday shopping time.  We have a guarantee of authenticity that we honor, Layaway options, and sale prices.  With all this positive jade qi energy I work with every day, I want to see other people benefit from owning and wearing this awesome jade.


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