Friday, November 4, 2016

I Am Surrounded By Jade

I have been talking about "retiring" for at least three years.  My friends keep asking me when I'm really going to do it, because  there's so much we all want to do together.  They can't understand why I work almost all afternoon.  What do I do that takes so much time when I've been selling jade online for 16 years?  Surely, I should have all the "work" done by now!

Ah, jade!  Every piece is different.  Even when I have jade made from the same jade carver, using the same rough, the pieces are different.  That's because it's natural stone, and nature had endless variations and differences.  If I sold t-shirts, I could take one photo and list perhaps 100 items using the same photo in all the different sizes.  But jade is different.  And each piece needs at least 20 minutes of photographing to get 2-4 photos.  The photos are taken in natural daylight in an outdoor area, and the day needs to be fairly clear, and the best time for the photos is between 11 am and 1 pm.  That's when the light shows off the beauty of the jade from my photo spot.  Then editing the photos is very minimal, mostly just sizing, and adding our store name to the photo, and tags, so they can be found online.  Listing each one takes 20-30 minutes to get all the measurements, details, perhaps retesting by refraction if I'm doubting it's genuine while I'm holding it to list it.  Then checking the photo on different browsers to make sure it looks like the "real thing".  After listing on the desktop computer, I check on a Windows and a Mac computer, then on an iPhone and another phone.  And on an iPad.  Then another 20-30 minutes to add to Pinterest and Facebook.  Then putting it away in the proper storage area so I can find it later.

I can get about three items listed in an afternoon of work.  And that's my goal for five days of the week.  There are three different stores: JadeBangleBracelets, Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade.

I have a lot of odds and ends of jade bangles, pendants, carvings scattered around my desk because I'm still organizing the office since we moved in in July.  I pick up three pieces on photo days to get them dealt with, and "the mess" is almost cleaned up.  Now there's a closet full of unlisted items.  So it never ends!   I will never retire!  I'll take offers if a reader wants to buy this exquisite and time consuming business.

Today one of the items I listed has been around the house for at least 10 years.  It's one of the vintage bangles That's so pretty I keep it near my desk just to look at it often.

Red cloisonne and Jade bangle bracelet Item #TI-1308

As I was listing it, I saw that the box was quite old and perhaps I should pitch it and put it in a new box.  Then I saw the company name inside the lid:  Julius Garfinckel & Co, Washington, D.C.   I looked online to see what that company is, and learned it is quite famous and the items from that company are listed on eBay, Pinterest, Etsy.  I knew one of my girlfriends was at the pool, and she lived and worked in Washington, D.C. for awhile, so I went to the pool to ask her about this company.  She didn't know, but the pool security guard did, and he wanted to come over and see it.  It's beautiful.  It's red cloisonne and jade, classic round bangle bracelet.  The cloisonne is the best quality I've ever seen, and the jade is excellent.  I decided I would continue to hoard it for myself, but everyone at the pool said they would like to see comments about the bangle and the company.  So your comments are welcome.  If you make a comment, it won't be published until I see that it's not SPAM. The comment gets approved and shows in the post within 24 hours.  It's only been a few hours since I listed it, and already a jade dealer in Hong Kong wants to buy it.  But I don't ship jade to China or Hong Kong because it "disappears" during customs check there, and the customer never gets it.

So yes, I spend a lot of time "working".  But what a job!  Being surrounded by jade.

Blue Cloisonne and Jade Classic Round Vintage Bangle Bracelet Item TI-1307
It's very pretty, and I like it as much as the Julius Garfinckle bangle

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