Friday, November 11, 2016

Jade Gift Guide for You

The holidays really are coming on fast.  Not only Thanksgiving here in the US, but also Christmas, New Year's and Chinese Lunar New Year. The "Year of the Fire Rooster (Chicken and/or Cock)" begins January 28, 2017. Hmmm....somehow that seems to relate to the outcome of the US's presidential election with inauguration in January.

I will be blogging on the Ying Yu Jade news blog about gift guides for men, women, children, and special interests during the next week, to give you some ideas about what kind of jade makes good gifts for people that you want to give something special to.

The first blog is the gift guide for men.  There are certainly a lot more jade items that are good for men than what are suggested.  Dragon is the symbol of man, and man is "yang", but also needs some yin to keep him balanced. 

Vintage carved jade belt buckle for men

Vintage nephrite jade carved cuff links

Two of my favorite jade items for men are the vintage carved jade belt buckle and the nephrite jade carved cuff links.  There are only one of each, and each is one of a kind.  
I like the cuff links and actually wore them myself a few times on a very tailored long sleeve shirt, and they were in my "Ying Yu's Jewelry Box".  Since I don't work where I have to dress up any more, I don't wear them, and they deserve to be worn.  Although the color of the nephrite jade is yang dark green, the carving is "flowery" to add yin, so good for women as well as men.

If you need ideas for gifts for special people, or something special for yourself, check out the News Blog on Ying Yu Jade frequently to see the guide that's been added.

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