Monday, November 14, 2016

Jade Gifts and Chinese Culture

I finished Jade Gift Guides on the Ying Yu Jade web site, for men, children, health care workers and people who do energy work, professionally or personally, and of course, women.  I will add to them as I get new ideas.  It was so enjoyable rummaging through all the jade for specific ideas without putting in too much that would make gift choices more difficult. 

I added some gifts that are not jade.  They are from my personal collection.  When I was going to China at least once each year, I read a lot about China, in novels and non-fiction.  One of the books sets I read included a book "Red Mansions".  A friend gave me a vintage plate with one of the "beauties" on it.  Then when I was shopping in Beijing in an older part of the city I found two of the classic inside painted glass bottles with a "beauty" on each one.

I really love those inside painted bottles and have quite a collection of them. But the Beauties bottles are extremely nice, I don't think made for "tourists", rather for local Chinese people who enjoy their culture.  I put the bottles and the plate in the gift section for sale.

I went outside this evening to look at the Super Moon.  It's been very cloudy here all day,  and I didn't see it, so I went out an hour later.  It still wasn't completely visible, mostly the glow from it was all I could see.  Then for a few seconds the clouds broke and I saw it.  My jade bangle also picked up the glow from the moon.  Too bad I couldn't get a photo because it was so beautiful.   Jade is always beautiful, but some lighting situations make it look awesome.

Light shining through  Ying Yu Jade "luminous" bangle bracelets

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