Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why Does Jade Make Us Feel Better? Some Benefits of Wearing Jade

If you have been reading the Jade Blogger, you have seen several posts about jade and health.  We know Chinese jade has been used for centuries by Chinese medicine doctors for balancing body qi to treat illness and prevent people from becoming ill.  And the colors of jade just happen to be the colors related to the five meridians, the basis of acupuncture.  The Chinese "river jade" is cherished for the natural color caused by the mineral that were in the water where it is mined, and if used as medicine can correspond with balancing the meridians.  The qi needs to flow smoothly through the meridians.  When it gets stuck, that's when we feel ill or in pain, and acupuncture helps release it.

Natural Color Chinese "River Jade" colors related to liver, spleen and lungs

That's the classic, centuries old traditional thoughts about jade and healing.  And today, with alternative medicine and treatments becoming more popular, jade again stands out as healing.  One of the best healing aspects is that it is natural, and you don't ingest it.  You simply share body qi with it.

If you are attracted to a particular jade piece, perhaps a jade pendant with green and "kiss of hong" you might need the stuck qi in your heart and liver meridians to flow smoothly again.  When you wear that jade pendant, you will probably touch it often to stimulate the healing.  And if it's a jade bangle bracelet that you are attracted to, you will feel it stimulating the acupressure points on your wrist throughout the day.

The other "new age" reason is that studies show that doing something pleasurable raised the serotonin levels in your body, the chemicals that make you feel good, maybe even blissful.  So not only are you getting the healing qi energy of the jade, but when you love your jade, touch it, look at it, the pleasure you feel is raising the serotonin and helping you to feel better.

Now all you need to do is to get your physician to write that you need jade to help your health and then you can use your jade purchase as an income tax deduction for health care!
Aren't some of you jade lovers physicians, health care providers?  Let's get this movement going so we can claim our jade purchases for health care needs.  (When pigs fly!)

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