Friday, December 2, 2016

Searching for that Perfect Jade Bangle Bracelet and How Do I Know My Jade is "Real"

Many people are shopping for jade bangle bracelets for the holiday.  Some are men looking for a jade bangle for the woman in their life.  Most are women looking for jade bangle bracelets for themselves.

The question I get at least once every day even when it's not holiday season is: "what kind of jade bangle should I buy" and then "how do I know if my jade bangle is real".  Today I got a question about why the jade bangle bracelets on Jade Heaven are "expensive" and  not as "pretty and green" as the ones on a web site she referred me to.  It's a web site that has been selling jade bangle bracelets for as long as I have, and is in California, and probably a Chinatown area.  The jade bangles on the site are organized by price range.  They are all translucent and have good green color.  The higher priced ones are more translucent with more green color.

She wanted to buy jadeite, Burmese jadeite, so I explained about jadeite, and the political problems in Burma that have caused the good green imperial jadeite to become more rare and very expensive.  Then she asked if the jade bangle bracelets on the other site were "real" because if imperial jadeite is so expensive, why was the other seller's basically less than $1000.

They appear to be real jadeite.

And the higher priced jadeite bangle bracelets have been very nicely color treated.

It's common to color enhance most gemstones, even diamonds.  But people get extremely upset about color enhanced jade.

Color enhanced jadeite is "real" jadeite.  When tested by refraction, it will show the same value as any jadeite, whether it's $10 or $1 million.  So if you want "good green" and translucent jade, and at a "reasonable" price, you should purchase from this other seller because they are beautiful.  And they have a great selection.  They also have a lot of information about jade that is accurate.  But I didn't see any statement that their jade is not grade A, natural color.

If you wear jade as jewelry,  and you want it to look green and translucent, B and C grade jadeite is the kind to get.  People will be impressed, and you will be happy with it.

Some people like natural color jade because that's the kind of person they are.  They are mindful of how they live their lives, their diet and wellness plan.  And they want jade that will blend with their body qi energy, as jade in China has done for centuries, until the last couple hundred years.  That's the kind of jadeite on Jade Heaven, genuine and natural and purchased during the years 2000-2005 when I was getting the jade business started, still working a "regular" job and spending every dollar buying jade when I went to China.  So it's older jadeite, and it's somewhat rare.  My first visit to China was to learn Chinese medicine, and that's when I learned about jade, and the qi energy relationship.

Grade A, B and C jade are all "real jade".

Jadeite Carved Bead Bracelet Grade A

Pretty color treated jade beads

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