Friday, December 9, 2016

Creative Ways to Wear and Use Jade Every Day

I purchased a new handbag for myself this week, a cross body medium size bag.  I couldn't find a really nice leather one at a price I wanted to pay.  Most were too small, or too large, and I need "medium".  I found one at Ross store, the size was right, it hung the way I want it too, and not too wide at the bottom.  Before I start using it, I want to make something to hang on it to make it look a little nicer.  I have a small box with odds and ends, and some small jade pendants, and use wire and clasps to attach it to a clasp that hooks on a handbag.  I also make key rings for important keys from jade to assure they won't get lost and will be lucky.  Then I remembered I had one jadeite "yuan bao" hanger that would look really good.  But reluctant to put it on a cheap handbag.

Jadeite "yuan bao" lucky hanger  

A customer had purchased one a few weeks ago, and sent me a photo of how it looks on her handbag.

That's a nice purse.  I'm going to wait until I get my good one for Christmas to use the last one I have.  It's still listed, and if you buy it, I can always make an alternative because there's so much you can do with jade.  The yuan bao hangers were bought in China when I was shopping there.  I learned that Chinese people use these on their mobile phones a lot.  I wish I had purchased more. 

If you buy a small jade pendant, or one of the hollow carved beads, you can make your own hanger for your handbag, or just a "little something" to carry in your pocket to keep you in good qi energy through the day.

Hollow carved jadeite bead

That's what I used the hollow carved jadeite beads for.  I made some hanging clips, then realized how popular the Pandora style bracelets are, and was very happy they fit on the bracelets, as well as you can easily string a necklace chain through it.

Some of the jadeite bracelets and necklaces can also be looped through the rings on your handbag to make them special. 

Jade is endlessly interesting.  That's why I have enjoyed buying and selling it for more than 16 years, and have blogged regularly about it for 12 years.  I can always thinking of something to do with and say about jade. 

Have fun being creative with jade!

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