Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feng Shui: Putting Your Jade to Work For You: Jade Money Toads

Feng Shui is  defined as a  Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it. It is based in Daoism, the balance of yin and yang, also the basis of Chinese medicine. When your surroundings feng shui is not balanced,  it lacks the feeling of being "just right".  When you body feng shui of the meridians is not balanced, illness occurs.

When I first started going to China to buy jade and building an online store, I was introduced by my Chinese doctor friend and the jade associate I work with to jade money toads as feng shui for business, building wealth.  And the three-legged jade money toads are the classic and traditional style.  If you have one in your home or office, make sure Toad faces inward, towards your office if you have one.  Place Toad near an entrance, and put Toad on a table, not on the floor. Do not place it near kitchen, bathrooms or bedrooms.   If Toad's mouth is open, and it faces toward the outside of the home, it means the wealth qi will flow out, which you don't want to happen.  The open mouth means it is "hungry", for wealth, fortune and good luck.  The coin in Toad's mouth should not obstruct the mouth so the qi can flow smoothly.  The three-legged money toads traditionally have a coin in their mouth.  If there are symbols or Chinese writing on the coin, the coin should face upwards.

My three legged money toad is BIG and HEAVY.  It covers the top of a wooden two-drawer file cabinet next to my desk.  There are actually two toads with a chain to bind them.  Big Toad has a yuan bao carved on its back, the traditional Chinese symbol for money.  Little Toad has an open mouth but no coin in the mouth.  For me, Big Toad is symbolic of China and Jade, and successful and respected jade business in China.  Little Toad represents me, learning from Big Toad, and the chain is my emotional attachment to jade business.  It is very unfortunate jade business has lost a lot of respect because of fraud, but when I received Toads the business was still respected and that  is my vow to keep my jade businesses honest and respectful.

There are still a few jade money toads in the Carvings Collection.  It is auspicious to give or receive a three legged money to celebrate new year, Chinese lunar new year, birthdays, and business events. The photo shows a metal old Chinese coin in Toad's mouth, but if you are a blog reader and purchase one, you can request a jade coin, while supply lasts.

Chinese jade three legged money toads with coin

Three legged jade money toads are very auspicious, and it's important place them properly to benefit from the feng shui. 

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