Friday, December 23, 2016

Which Jade Bangle Bracelet Should I Choose for Myself?

Every year at Christmas time, my birthday, and Chinese Lunar New Year I dig into my inventory and choose a jade bangle bracelet for myself.  I look at all of the ones I really like including the ones I put online for sale.  Then I hold each one and "feel" which one is best for me.  I know I will like any (and all!) of them, but my energy needs are constantly changing, so I am able to make my choice by feeling the qi energy I need.

This Christmas, my choice are already listed on the Jade Heaven web site.  This one I hoarded for many years before I listed it recently:

JHBB551 classic round grade A Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet
It's slightly more "yin" than the "sister" one I kept for myself, more white and more translucent. It calms my spirit, helps me get the blissful feeling when I need it.

JHBB3126 Wide "Cuff" of Natural Color Burmese Jadeite Bangle

I don't have a wide "cuff" style, and I like the heavy feel of this good green jadeite bangle bracelet.  I know I will have to use a plastic bag to put over my hand, then put on the bangle because the width makes it more difficult and painful to put on, but it will sit very close to my wrist and not slide up my arm like the more slender jade bangles.

Since I treat my customers the way I like to be treated, over the Christmas holiday I'm offering coupons and gifts on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade.   Treat yourself.  It's not only for the beauty of the jade, but for the good qi energy.  

By the way, I think I'll take one now, and the other one just before Year of the Fire Monkey next month!  If you wear a small size, get it before I do. 

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