Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Do You Know the Right Jade for You? Fun, Creativeness, and Managing Your Life

Several emails, comments from jade lovers who enjoyed reading the Creative Ways to Wear Jade posting.  There is often so much drama about jade: is the jade you sell real?  How can you prove that?  Are you sure your jade is real jade? I know there's a lot of fake jade out there, and jade that is color treated but described as grade A and natural, and it is a real sadness that the purity of jade has been so blemished by greed, ignorance.

And jade can really be fun.  I'll try to share some of the photos readers sent in a future blog post.

I've been really busy, stressed out with orders and  trying to provide excellent customer service the last few weeks and I haven't been getting away for a few hours of rest and relaxation.  One of my girlfriends knows me well enough to talk me into a shopping trip, or evening out when she sees I need it.  Last week, she talked me into dinner at a Mexican restaurant and Universal City Walk with our husbands.  She always wears Christmas clothes this time of year.  I don't own any, but I found a fun outfit to wear.  While I was looking for accessories, I came across a jade bangle bracelet that I've kept for myself, but never worn, and it felt so "fun" that I decided to wear it.

As soon as I put it on, stress disappeared, and I actually had an appetite.  When I'm busy, food is just for survival, and I really don't care about eating.  So feeling hungry was a surprise.  Antojitos Mexican restaurant has interesting decor, and we asked for a table that's like a centerpiece.  I ordered a dinner that I never ate before, but it sounded good, and I ate almost all of it.  And then had fun wandering around they City Walk.  I was relaxed, but with creative energy that didn't go negative when I got home.  And I slept all night.

With the jade bangle on.

And woke up wanting to go shopping, but had orders to get packed and shipped because I hadn't worked the night before.  So I took the "wild jade bangle" off, and put my "calm spirit" carved one on and settled down to "normal" again.

So what was so special about the jade bangle?   Other than it looks fabulous, so different, it's genuine Chinese "river jade", natural color and high quality with great color and polish.
It's very high energy with the deep green and black. And the honey color related to the spleen meridian gave me a good appetite.  The black color is related to protection, assertiveness and self confidence. And some of the hues in the honey are "hong" red, adding some fire to life, but also balancing with the softer colors on half of it.

I'm not wearing it now, but it's always with me. I've been carrying it around with me just to keep it close for the energy.   It's giving me hope and the promise that I can change my energy level.  It gives me the energy I need when I want some time to enjoy life and come out of my "comfort zone" for awhile.  I'm planning to wear it when I go the the holiday parties coming up this season.

That's why I write:  if you see jade that appeals to you, gives you a special feel, and almost makes you want to drool over it, then that's the jade for you.

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