Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Does My Jade Bangle Mean: Black "Two Dragons Hold Pearl"

Often long time customers contact me when they are ready to buy more jade.  They show me that jade they are attracted to, then tell me what's going on in their life, and what they hope will happen.  A couple months ago, a jade friend who also owns one of my "sister" jadeite bangle bracelets was going through a stressful time at her work place.  She had previously purchase a Pixiu jadeite pendant, for protection.  We wear the same size jade bangle bracelets, so she is often interested in jade bangles I purchased for myself.   She has a lot of jade, so I wondered if some of the jade she has now would be helpful to her.  She was wearing it, but needed a little something extra. 

When I'm going through a rough time and need to "overcome adversity", feel strength and be protected, I wear my black Chinese jade "Two Dragons Hold Pearl" round bangle.  I haven't been able to get that good quality jade, nor find a jade carver who can do the detailed carving, so haven't bought any in years.  The sizes I have that are similar were too large for her, so I sent her mine on loan. 


I immediately put in on my wrist when it was returned, and felt so good.
Looks great with my old mine carved jadeite bangle (Pam's favorite, too)

She returned it before Christmas with a note.  She felt better wearing it for awhile. And she had moved on to a new project at her work away from toxic management and unproductive team mates.  She was busier, but happier. 

That's using jade for its energy.   Putting jade to work for you.  Feng shui for your life, as discussed in the previous blog. 

Some of the women who bought jade bangles as holiday gifts for themselves have been sending me comments, photos, stories.  I would love to share these on the blog.

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