Friday, December 16, 2016

Keeping our Jade Buyers and Their Purchases Safe This Holiday Season

I've been busy filling orders, responding to customer questions, and help people decide what kind of jade to buy, and if it's a jade bangle, figuring out the best size.

Jade is different because of the qi energy, history, tradition, and culture that surrounds it. And unfortunately the amount of fake jades that abound, especially online.

I really do treat customers the way I like to be treated when I buy online.  So here are some of the things I do to keep customers safe, and their purchases safe after we ship them.

First and most important, I guarantee our jade is as described.  Every piece of jadeite is tested with a gemology testing refraction meter to make sure it really is jadeite.  I have documentation about where and how most of it was purchased to refer to.  The guarantee states that if you don't think your jade is "real", and you have it tested by a GIA gemologist (Gemology Institute of America) and it's not, you will receive a complete refund and deep apology.  And then I will be expecting an apology from a jade seller in China.  Most of the jadeite also gets tested in China by a government testing, but no formal certificates made. Sometimes I got a "deal" of jadeite with certificates, so if you want a certificate you have a choice of those jadeite bangle bracelets and bi pendants.

Burmese jadeite with number corresponding to certificate

When you buy online from our store, your credit card information is never divulged.  We see only the last four digits of your card, and get notified if there are risks or discrepancies. That's why we don't take phone orders, because you wouldn't want me to try to keep your card information safe for the years that are required.  And by completing your purchase online, we both have a copy of the transaction, the item numbers, shipping address so there isn't any confusion about what you ordered, where it was shipped to.

Then it's packed well, with padding, bubble wrap.  If you upgrade to USPS priority mail, there's $50 insurance included.  And if the order is $250+, it's shipped with insurance.  This time of year, the higher priced orders are shipped with signature confirmation, my gift to you, so the jade gets to you from the mail carrier, not left in a mailbox, or somewhere else in error.  You are notified of the tracking number, and can know when it's out for delivery.  If you receive an email that your package was delivered, and you didn't get, you have the tracking to try to "track it down".

And if you need to exchange, I do my best to make it as easy and inexpensive as I can, often waiving the restocking fee.  Jade is one of kind, and each piece needs photos and a description.  It takes approximately 40 minutes to get one piece photographed, edited, and put on the web site with a description.  So for returns we include a small restocking fee. It's not like selling t shirts where you have 1-2 photos for thousands of the same item in different sizes.

That's because jade is special.  And jade loving customers deserve special treatment, as is the jade when it's shipped to you.

Jade has good qi energy, and usually makes the journey to where it's supposed to be, and I encourage it with taking good care of it, and you, the customer.

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