Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Summer Solstice. What Kind of Jade to Wear....With Your Crocs!

It's summer solstice today, and early this morning my order of Crocs Meleen were delivered by Amazon.  I wear these all the time at home, and sometimes even take a long walk without changing to my "walking shoes".  These Crocs are as special to me as my jade bangle bracelets.

And it felt like it was time to change my jade bangle for summer.  I like the one I've worn for a few weeks, the slender round style is very comfortable.  But the little "glow" of lavender was my cue that it's time to change for summer.

My personal jadeite bangle bracelet, classic round and slender, with
an area of "wisdom" lavender jadeite that "glows" when I need a clue
 White jade has yin qi energy for keeping body, mind and spirit healthy in hot weather.  White jade is related to the lung meridian, metal element, and if you have allergies, asthma or get depressed in summer, white jade is "Chinese medicine" to wear.

The oval small Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I'm wearing today for summer solstice.
Oval shape with imperial green veins.   And my new Crocs Meleen flip flop sandals for summer
If you want to take advantage of Ying Yu Jade sale of Vintage, Estate and Pre-Owned jade, today a white carved jadeite bangle bracelet, #V1258 is on the Today's Special.  One of the features I like about it is that the jade carver didn't polish it very much, just enough to smooth out the carving.  That makes it very natural, as well as being genuine and natural color Burmese jadeite.  There are also so veins of honey, varied shades of depth, so the darker honey is related to the heart meridian and the lighter honey is related to the spleen meridian.  It's like wearing your medicine for summer weather.

Item #V1258 vintage pre-owned white carved jadeite bangle bracelet
Wear white jade for summer, take life more easy and relaxing, drink water,  eat light.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy summer.

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