Wednesday, June 28, 2017

China woman faints after breaking jade bracelet in jewellery shop

I'm sharing this story I read on BBC News:

A Chinese woman fainted in a jewellery shop after accidentally breaking a jade bracelet priced at $44,000 (£35,000).
The tourist from eastern Jiangxi province was trying on the bracelet in a shop in Ruili in Yunnan province near the border with Myanmar, where much of the jade in China is from.
When she was told the bracelet's price she quickly took it off but in her haste dropped it, state media reported.

No agreement over compensation for the shop has yet been reached.
Shop staff attempted to calm the woman after the breakage, but she turned pale, began sweating and eventually fainted, a report on news website quoted the shop owner's son as saying.

She came round after other customers who had rushed to help pinched her under her nose, the People's Daily reported

Shop staff then told the woman she could pay $25,000 to resolve the matter, but she said she could only afford $1,500, the report said.

Police were unable to persuade the parties to reach an agreement and the matter may need to go to court.

A local precious gem association told news portal Sina that the bracelet was worth only $26,000.

End of News Story

"Gold and diamonds have a price, but jade has no price"  ancient Chinese saying.  The price is about what the buyer wants to pay and what the seller will agree to sell it for.  When you go to China to buy jade, there are no prices on the jade.  It's all about bargaining.  If you do see prices, then you know you are in a "tourist trap", oops, I mean "tourist shop".

And if you have ever dropped your jade bangle and it broke, you know you can faint from the agony of your loss.

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