Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jade Bangle Bracelet and Travel

I wanted to "keep it simple" regarding what I packed and wore on our Ohio/Pennsylvania trip last week.   As I always do when I travel, I put on my deep green almost black double dragons Chinese jade bangle bracelet that has symbolism and qi energy for protection.  After flying and driving, I kept it in my hand bag, and wore my vintage classic round Burmese jadeite slender bangle bracelet on my left wrist, and two jadeite bead bracelets on my right wrist.  It was warm in PA, and I felt like I needed something significant on my wrist because my tops were very short sleeve.

Our flight home from Pittsburgh airport  was 4 PM and we had to check out of our hotel by noon.  We left before noon because Pittsburgh airport is our favorite airport in the US.  It used to be a shopping mall prior to the TSA requirement, and the restaurants and shops were required to have pricing no higher than their regular stores outside the airport.  And they have a good variety of restaurants, and very interesting and unique shops. 

The shop I spent the most time in was one that specialized in sterling silver jewelry, very unique and good selections.  I purchase something there every time we fly through Pittsburgh.  The woman salesperson and I talked a lot, and she commented on my jade bangle bracelet.  She said it was so beautiful, with the imperial green veins, moderate translucency that showed off lavender hues.  She was very familiar with jewelry and said she had never seen a jade bangle bracelet so beautiful.  And when I put my wrists together and she saw the bead bracelets with the bangle, she was impressed that even though the coloring seemed different and not compatible, because it is natural jadeite it looks good with all other jadeite.  

And we discussed how the newer Burmese jadeite and older jadeite are really different.

She was being converted into a jade lover!

Time to put on my "black" double dragons jade bangle for the flight back to Orlando.  When the flight got rough from storms, touching and playing with it kept me peaceful and serene.

Two Dragons Hold Pearl Deep Deep Green Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet

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