Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to Wear Your Jade Bangle Bracelet: Loose on Your Wrist

Often first time jade bangle bracelet customers contact me when they receive their new jade bangle and tell me it was very tight to get on their wrist, and they used the "plastic bag" method.  But when on the wrist, the jade bangle seemed too large because it moved almost half way up their forearm.  And they knew they could never get on a smaller size.

That's the issue I have with jade bangle bracelets, also.  My forearms are slender and my tight-to-get-on jade bangle moves up and down often. 

I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday and wanted to really clean the counter tops.  My jade bangle bracelet hit the counter really hard, and fortunately did not crack or break.  I didn't want to remove it.  It occurred to me that I might be able to keep it from going all the way down my wrist to my hand if I could use another jade as a "stopper".   I put on the Pandora style bracelet with big carved hollow jade bead, and amazingly it stopped my jade bangle from hitting the counter top.  I'm keeping it in a kitchen drawer so I can wear it when I'm chopping produce for salads, kneading pizza dough and cleaning up after making the mess!

Hollow carved jadeite bead on Pandora style bracelet to protect my precious jade bangle bracelet

I chose one of the beads I don't want to sell because it has a crack in it, but the beads for sale are varied shades of light to medium green.  They are genuine and natural color, so they will "go", look good, with your jadeite and you won't have to be concerned about "matching" the jade colors. 

Short blog today because I want to scrub the cement steps outside with Comet and a brush, and and will wear my "protector" jade bead bracelet conveniently located in the kitchen drawer. 

PS:  It also seems to make me more mindful, enjoying the beauty of the bead bracelets plus the jadeite bangle I'm wearing for the energy at this time.

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