Friday, January 1, 2016

Auspicious Jade for the New Year.

It's lucky to buy jade the first of the new year.  Your new year jade purchase will bring you happiness, good luck and fortune, health and longevity, and increase in qi energy as you wear it.

It's traditional to buy and wear your "Fu Lu Shou" jade for new year and other celebrations.  Fu Lu and Shou are the Chinese gods of happiness, luck, longevity.  Fu lu shou colors are traditionally green, white and veins of "hong", red or honey.  Other lucky jade includes pieces with veins that are big, or stand out, or have the rare and precious imperial green color.  Carved jade pieces, including pendants, can be extra lucky when they include symbols that are significant to you, including your lunar year animal.  Other lucky symbols are bat (happiness), bamboo (strength and flexibility), lotus lingzhi (health, longevity), Buddha and Guan Yin for spirituality, and of course Dragon and Phoenix, symbols of Yang and Yin, the universal force. 

Yes, it's lucky and auspicious to buy jade the first of the new year, 2016 and Lunar new year.  It's also lucky and auspicious to sell jade.  So we both win.  To make it even more lucky, if you order now through January 3, I'll include a lucky gift with your purchase.  Just write "lucky gift" in the comments box on the order form.   And if you read this after January 3, you may be extra lucky because there might still be a gift for you when you ask for it.

Happy new year.  I hope this year brings you happiness, luck and fortune, health and wellness.  And we have another new year to look forward to in February, the lunar new year of the "Red Fire Monkey".   That sounds like a happy spunky monkey!

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