Friday, January 15, 2016

Auspicious Jade to Wear for Lunar New Year - "Bi" Symbol of Heaven Jadeite Pendants + A Chinese Health Secret

I was looking for a book today in my professional books collection about using acupressure to avoid getting seasick for my cruise vacation next month, and next to it was "The Collector's Book of Jade" by Arthur and Grace Chu.

I've read that book a couple of times and I'm surprised much of the information is not accurate, considering they are Chinese born and education at China's National Central University.  I bought the book from Amazon several years ago, and look through it often.  It's also disappointing that the photos are black and white, not color. Near the back of the book are drawings of archaic jade.  One of the oldest and most cherished is the "bi" donut jade.  It's been called the Symbol of Heaven.

I'm going to wear a medium size  jadeite bi pendant on a Dragon Whiskers adjustable silk cord on the cruise so I can use it to scrape and press the points on my wrist that help manage motion sickness.

Bi Symbol of Heaven Jadeite Pendant #JHBI301

I decided to take a few with me because I like touching them.  I sometimes put one on my handbag on a key chain because I like them so much.

And I decided to put them on sale this weekend, 15% discount with coupon code on the Sale page.  They are not only fun and feel good to wear, they are great gift ideas for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

There is a acupuncture point GV14 Da Zhui at the base of the neck, top of the spine that is very effective for keeping healthy especially from colds and flu.

 I can't get the flu shot, so I rub the  GV14 every day (and wash my hands whenever I come home from being out).  When I feel a cold coming on, I rub it.  In fact, rubbing GV14 is part of my every day qigong routine.  And sometimes I use a jade gua sha tool, or a jade bi pendant.  Try it for a few months and/or over the winter and see if it doesn't make a positive different for you, too.

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  1. I am willing to pay to have the jade delivered to my door and requiring a signature, just to know that it will come safely. To me it is part of the cost.