Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jade Can Help You to Feel Better: Fibromyalgia

I haven't posted on the blog since January 1.  The Florida weather changed from hot, to winter cold (cool) and raining.  And those two weather conditions set off my fibromyalgia pain and fibro-fog of the brain.  Fibromyalgia affects not only the body, but mind and spirit, also.   When I started working as a counselor,  I realized I couldn't sit and listen and empathize for a 50 minute session because of the all-over pain and fog.  I changed my counseling to work with employee assistance programs, families, children because they were more active to work with, and had about the same attention span I did.  And I was always on a search for relief. 

I tried all the non-medical alternatives: yoga, tai chi, meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal treatments.  Then I went to China to learn Chinese medicine in 1999 and the experience was life changing.  I volunteered for every demonstration and was amazed at how much better I felt.  One day our group was touring Forbidden City and as I was standing in the middle of it, I felt overall blissfulness.  One of the women in our group who is a midwife recognized what was happening to me, and we become friends and started exploring what China had to offer for body, mind and spirit together. 

That's when I discovered jade. And its healing properties.

The Chinese doctors who were teaching our classes used jade gua sha tools, jade rollers, and it was not only the treatment, but also the jade, that felt so good.

I went home with a lot to think about.  And I was in love with China, and returned three months later, starting the jade search.

So last night when I was feeling really bad from the fibro,  I was drawn to my drawer of my personal jade bangle bracelets, and without looking at them, felt them to choose the jade I needed.  I was wearing a darker green yang jade for the new year, and perhaps it was too yang for me.  My fingers touched my pure white, moderately translucent jadeite bangle with an imperial green vein.  It's one of the "sister set" I bought from a jade carver years ago. 

I slept better last night, and woke with a strong desire to do my qi exercises and yoga.  And I'm feeling much better now even though it's still cold and raining.  And inspired to post this experience to share.

There was a segment about new treatments for cancer on CBS Morning today, and the doctor also listed lifestyle choices to help heal along with cancer therapies and to prevent cancer.  My personal opinion is there will never be a more natural treatment for cancer because treating cancer is so profitable.  You can search online and read many articles about more natural treatments that the FDA denied.  I'm not saying that jade can treat cancer, but it can sure help you to feel better. 

During my second trip to China, I scheduled daily treatments for myself.  I was also going through menopause (that's another amazing story for a blog posting).  My treatments were as outpatient in a Chinese hospital, and the doctor took me through the hospital to visit with other patients and show me how they progressed with the traditional treatments, blended with some modern technology also.  I saw xrays of before and present of people and their conditions changing from the therapies.  And always, jade health tools.  In fact, the first Chinese jade I saw and learned about was in Forbidden City, the jade rollers in the royal chambers.

Jade feels good.  And is good for you.

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