Thursday, January 14, 2016

What Kind of Jade to Wear in January for Health, Wellness and Good Luck

What kind of jade is the best kind of jade to wear in the month of January?  If you wear jade for health and wellness, "jade as medicine",  it's the same kind of jade you would wear in December and January, the cold months of winter: white jade.  The more translucent, the better it is for you in January, more "icy" qi energy.  If you need more yang for healing, green veins help with healing.  For qi protection for stomach problems, honey veins help.  The white, icy jade stone is related to the lung meridian, qi energy for protecting from colds, flu, coughing.  Also, during the holidays we often feel the sadness from loss of loved ones and miss them very much as we celebrate.  Lung qi energy helps heal grief and loss.

You also want to start getting ready for the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Fu lu shou is the kind of jade that is most traditional, the three colors Fu Lu and Shou representing the Chinese gods of Happiness, Luck and Fortune, Health and Longevity.  Genuine jade, natural color fu lu shou is rare and expensive, so if you wear color treated and it makes you feel good, then it's good for you to wear.

It's also very lucky to give and receive jade over the Lunar New Year.  With that in mind, I had some auspicious jadeite coin clasps made for Ying Yu Jade.  The coins were in fu lu shou colors, some white, some green and some honey color.  We are offering them as gifts with your purchase of $50+ from Ying Yu Jade through the weekend or while they last.

Auspicious Jadeite Coins-Gift with Purchase

There are still other gifts available with purchase, including chopsticks in silk holder, and decorative zipper bag  with jade bangle purchase. 

Giving and receiving jade: very auspicious for all of us.

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