Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today I Need My "Peaceful Spirit" Jade Bangle Bracelet

Today I need my "peaceful spirit" jade bangle bracelet to deal with "life" and "business".
 I touch it when my heart starts racing, and calm myself.

First stressful event is dealing with new USPS postage rates, including 14-18% increase in priority and express mail.  I felt terrible about charging $51 for international express mail but actually didn't cover the cost, and now it's $58, although more if I add insurance.  How can I expect international customers to buy a wonderful jade, then pay that cost?  And if I ship first class, there's a high chance of it not getting to the customer.  And I shipped almost all USA mail by priority mail, but it's almost $1 more, with an added day to many addresses.   I read forums about handling shipping costs, and they recommend free shipping.  Which means adding the shipping cost to the item price. 

I will appreciate your comments about shipping.  I want you to be happy with the jade you buy, but not get discouraged by the shipping fees.  

(Rub the jade, hold it close to my heart.  Be calm)

A yin, white or soft green jade piece really does have qi energy for calming the spirit. 

But, I also want to take my daily walk and it's cold and windy for Florida people.  So I will add one of the "fiery" veins Chinese river jade bangle bracelets to my other wrist.  The yang qi will give me the energy for the exercise, as well as for keeping warm.

Fiery "hong" red veins Chinese River Jade Bangle NJ2366
CBS Morning Show had a segment about online businesses losing so much because of returns by customers.  That's what started the stressful day for me, because that is surely true.  The discussion was about larger businesses, like Macy's, catalog stores, and how they can't compete with Amazon which offers free shipping and returns.   I even saw a news story about Walmart closing more than 50 stores nationwide because of online competition.  I tried selling on Amazon for awhile, but the 25% fee they took didn't work for me.  On Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, you get "real" prices, not prices artificially marked up to compensate for sales.  A sale is a real sale.   Free shipping is real free shipping.  And I cannot live with myself if I don't treat customers the way I want to be treated.  So I will do my best to keep the shipping as low as possible.

(Rub that jade, rub that jade and be calm!)

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