Friday, January 22, 2016

Is My Jade Real? More about this topic.

Most of the descriptions on our jade are detailed.  The size is stated, often when it was purchased is stated, and usually the words "genuine" "natural" are used even if the words "Grade A" are not used.  If jade has a certificate of gemology testing, I often refer to it as "Grade A", but with no certificate, it hasn't been "officially graded" but I know it's natural and genuine when I purchase from the jade carvers in southern China near the Burma border.  "Purchasing" is a long process.  First, there are no prices on jade.  It all must be bargained for.  Second, no credit cards, it's "cash only". 

When I approach the shop of a jade carver, the first impression is that I get ignored (I'm not Chinese, so what do I know about jade).  Then I play with the jade bangle I'm wearing, and they realize I "know" jade and smile, bring out the "good stuff" that is usually not on display.  Then there is often tea, and meeting everyone.  When I use my limited Chinese language, the relationship starts to grow.  "Tea" often turns into a tea ceremony.  Children appear and we play on the floor.  I get a complete tour of jade rough, the shop, the carving tools.   Food appears.  Then the choices get made, the bargaining begins.  And concludes with smiles, back patting, and often a gift. 

So yes, the jade I purchase that way is real, genuine, natural.  That is the honorable way of "doing jade business". 

But, I'm like everyone else and look around for jade that is "interesting".  When I first started buying jadeite, I looked on ebay.  16 years ago, you could still be "real" jade on ebay, maybe only half was fake, or color treated.  I found a jade seller in China who sold carved jadeite bangle bracelets, and I bought one.  I wanted a small, carved, oval shape bangle that would fit really close to my wrist, and a "good green" color.  I had not started shopping in China for jadeite, and I hoped I could find a good supplier.  The jade bangle I bought was beautiful, very detailed carving, but was so "green" I wasn't comfortable wearing it.  I put it away.  And forgot about it.  Until last week. 

The color had remained stable, so it's probably natural color.  And you can see how close the oval fits on my wrist.  I really had trouble getting it on, and more trouble getting it off. 

I love it.  But it's too "yang" for me, the deep all over green has too much qi energy and I could wear it only a couple of hours.  It has high qi energy, so it must be "real". 

It's "real", I checked tested the refraction index. 

I will probably visit my jeweler who is a gemologist and ask him to check the color.  He has a difficult time checking color, he says that most gemologists use their opinion more than the actual testing.  Even if it's not natural color, it's certainly "real".

I'll probably take it with me on my vacation next month, wear it on first day of the Lunar New Year.  It looks like a good one for Year of the Monkey.

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