Monday, January 11, 2016

Two Dragon Holds Pearl Carved Jade Bangle Bracelets for Lunar New Year

 They arrived in December.  But they have been a work in progress for several years.  We love the smooth deep deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelets.  The jade stone is the best quality and almost as fine grain as jadeite.  I commissioned my jade carver to study the older traditional dynasty style of the "Two Dragons Play Pearl", and they were made about three years ago.  But they weren't polished, because they require very fine and detailed polishing, without breaking them.  The jade carver found an experienced jade polisher who eventually completed the polishing.  Then they got "lost" for a couple of years.  I wondered if they sold them to someone else because they are so beautiful and well made.  But last month these wonderful Two Dragons Play Pearl jade bangles  arrived with the jade rollers I had ordered.  And now they are photographed and listed on the Ying Yu Jade web site.  They will be the Daily Special through Wednesday. 

These are a good choice for the Lunar New Year, special occasions, or when you travel. The deep green almost black jade has qi energy for protection, overcoming adversity and clearing negativity.  I always wear a black jade bangle bracelet along with my regular jade bangle when I travel.

I like to wear a "spacer" jadeite bead bracelet between them so they don't "clunk around" and it feels more comfortable with the spacer beads.  I like these smaller 8mm beads, because I have a small wrist. 

There are a variety of sizes, from 54mm to 65mm, but limited quantity.  I thought I ordered 100 bangles, but received only 30, so perhaps the jade carver made a little profit on the side.  These kind of jade bangle bracelets sell for higher prices in China than I have on the web site because they are so traditional and rare to find. 

You will need the protection of the jade stone when you wear this, because people will grab your wrist to admire them!   I will certainly wear mine when I take a two week vacation out of the country  next month.

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