Saturday, January 9, 2016

Antique Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

I received an email from a jade loving customer today.  She and her husband love antiques and go to many antique shows.  One of the exhibitors who is at the show and sells antique gems and jewelry has had a carved green jade bangle bracelet in the display case for at least 3 years.  It has a quite low price for "antique jade", only $350.  When she touched it, it didn't feel cold like her own personal jade feels when she's not wearing them.  She doubts the authenticity of it, and wonders how the seller determined it was truly "jade".

(You learn a lot about jade when you buy Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven jade bangle bracelets.  Especially if you own several.  You learn what jade that is genuine, natural looks and feels like so when you look at and touch jade bangles in stores or shows, you can determine if it's really jade.  If you have never had natural genuine jade, then you never have anything to compare with.)

I went to a gem trade show this weekend.  Only three  sellers had jade bangle bracelets to sell.  One had Chinese jade that I purchased a couple of times, and discovered some were not natural color, and the color really changed after I had it for awhile.  (A reason why I store jade and hold it 2-3 years or longer before I list it on the web sites). The other two sellers were selling their jade bangles wholesale for the prices we sell ours online.  And one seller had a carved deep deep green Chinese jade bangle like those in our "Dynasty Collection". 
She was selling it for $3000, more than the price on the jade bangles in our Collection. 

That inspired me to make the Collection our featured one for this week.  And they have a sale price.  And they are a perfect choice for celebrating Lunar New Year next month.

I have one in my "safe" personal collection, and will get it out and start wearing it later this month.  


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