Friday, January 29, 2016

What Does a Crack in a Jade Bangle Mean? (Part 2)

So what does a crack in a jade bangle mean?  It's interesting that people search online for this information.  Yes, a crack literally means the jade is cracked.  But this is jade we're talking about, not just anything!

I often get emails from women who are looking for a new jade bangle bracelet because their jade bangle that they have worn for years has broken, or it's cracked and they want to keep it because they love it, but want a new jade bangle that they can wear every day, and just look at the one with the damage.  And women who write to me about their jade bangle disaster often tell me what happened.

The most common reason relates to a story about how their jade protected them.  Some were in car accidents that broke their jade bangle but they amazingly escaped without harm. Women have written about being seriously ill and in a hospital, when suddenly their jade bangle broke into pieces without any reason, and they suddenly started to recover. 

There's an ancient Chinese saying :  Jade protects the person who wear it.

While the women whose jade bangles broke truly miss their jade bangle, they feel blessed that the jade took the damage that would have happened to them personally.

When I buy vintage pre-owned jade, I check carefully for cracks, and if I hear the story from the owner or her family about an incident where that jade was cracked when it protected her, I don't buy it because the jade has already done its protecting job. And we don't want to push our luck. 

The cracks in jade in our clearance jade bangles were part of the jade carving process: The jade carver always leaves something behind.  And a crack is a natural happening in natural jade.

Women who have worn their jade bangle bracelet for many years are often not comfortable with the newer jade.  They are familiar with the good quality of the older jade, and the newer jade "just doesn't feel right" often.  So they are happy we sell the vintage preowned estate jade.

Vintage estate pre-owned jadeite bangle bracelet TIBB2857  

Sometimes women tell me they use a magnifying glass to look at a new jade bangle when they get it to see if there's anything "wrong" with it, or try to determine if it's "real".  When you use a magnifying glass, you are looking for trouble unless you are very knowledgeable about jade, or a gemologist.  You will always see "something".  Now, after this blog and the last one, you know what's natural, what's damage, and then decide if the jade bangle  you are examining is the one for you.

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