Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

You know you have lived the right kind of life when you can count your regrets on one hand.  And learn from them.  A new year gives us a chance to start over, using our learning experience and wisdom to have a better life.

When I hold jade mindfully, I think about how many years and minerals are in each precious piece.  And the relative short work of the jade carver add the polish and final touches to turn it from a rock to a precious gem to hold and wear. 

This year was a new year for the jade web sites.  They moved to a new format that is more user friendly, mobile friendly, more secure for customers.  It took tremendous time and work to get each piece listed in the new format.  There are still many pieces of jade bangles and pendants that haven't made the transition, as well as boxes in storage that have items that are truly new.  They are actually "old", purchased between the years 2000-2006, and have grown in value.  If you are looking for genuine, natural jade, 2016 will offer you some of our best.

And, the Year of the Fire Monkey is coming in February!   So you will want some auspicious jade to celebrate this "spunky monkey" year.  I've been adding new pendants with monkey.   More information about the Year of the Monkey will be written in January. 

Fu Lu Shou Three Color Auspicious Monkey and Peach Jadeite Pendant JHP85
Natural color red, imperial green veins, one of Jade Heaven's Best

Enjoy the end of 2015. and beginning of 2016.  Best wishes to you.

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