Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wear Your Intention Word Jade Bead Bracelet

This morning I was watching CBS morning news.  I like some of the features CBS shows on their weekend morning news channel.  I've been busy with all the Christmas activities, both personally and business, and was getting ready to shut off the television and get on with my day, when I saw a feature about a man who makes and sells  intention word bracelets, and all the celebrities who have been buying them and wearing them.  They are a single word on a metal piece and simple string bracelet.

Guess what...Ying Yu Jade has been selling intention word jade bead bracelets for months!

Jade Bead Intention Word Bracelets - Wear Your Word

Ying Yu Jade's intention word bead bracelets aren't famous yet, but the inventory is very low now, only one remaining of each of about 12 words.  I personally  chose "simplify" when we first got them made by one of my jade loving jewelry makers.  And I have been working on simplifying my life.  I wear it when I go to yard sales, and when my head gets full of all the things I would like to do.

These intention word jade bead bracelets are one of those "jade things" I like to hoard, give as special gifts and wear myself.  To "simplify"  jade business, they are on the Daily Special today.  If they sell out,  the jewelry maker can make more.

Sounds simple, right?   It's also "artful", "inspired" and "cherished".  More inspiration words  you can wear.

And you can use the number as a special auspicious number for yourself.  Need a password code?  This is it.

Jade Goddess Woman Inspiration Words Pendant Necklace

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