Sunday, December 13, 2015

Coupon Codes for Jade Bangle Bracelets, Bead Jewelry and More

Counting down to December 16, the last day you can order and be sure to get your jade gift by Christmas Eve.

Today I printed out a USPS mail label for priority mail that usually takes two days.  But today it printed as three days.  So it looks like USPS is getting behind with their volume of mail.

And Friday I mailed a jade bangle bracelet by USPS express mail, that guaranteed delivery the following day, Saturday.  The jade loving customer stayed home waiting for the mail to sign for it. I ship items more than $200 with signature during the holiday season.  Her mail carrier came and left, without delivering her package.  She tracked her package, and it showed there was an attempt to deliver at at a different ZIP code, with no one available to sign for it.  We can't get any explanation from USPS for that error, but if it had not required signature, it would have been left "somewhere else".   And she didn't get the premium service by USPS she paid for.

So don't wait too long, because USPS, UPS and FedEx are all behind in delivery.

If you want a good deal on jade now, check out the Sale section on Jade Heaven, or the Daily Special on Ying Yu Jade.  Generous discounts with coupon codes this week.

And there's still a few of the hand knit fashion scarves available.  One of my customers sent me a photo of how she wrapped a small jade bangle bracelet through it, very cute.  But I've been wrapping and shipping my own personal holiday gifts, and didn't have time to find it and include it.  If you would like one, write a note in the comments box on the order form.  Friends and I make them in our knitting therapy group, a relaxing, mindful activity that ends with a result:  pretty scarf.

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