Wednesday, December 9, 2015

UPDATE: Countdown to Holidays-Christmas Eve Jade Sales, Coupons and Discounts

If you are on Jade Heaven or Ying Yu Jade mailing lists, you will receive an email about counting down to Christmas Eve: sales, discounts coupons.  Christmas Eve is only two weeks away!  That means if you are purchasing online, you have one week to get your order placed to get it by Christmas Eve.  My USPS postal carrier told me today they are working hard to keep up to date, but might be a day behind.  UPS and Fedex are already three days behind.  So now is the time to order if you want a wonderful jade for Christmas.

There will be sales, coupons for the next week on both web sites.  Check the Sale page on each site.  And will keep you updated on this blog.

UPDATE December 11

Weekend Sale on Jade Heaven: 20% discount with coupon China's Favorite Grade A Burmese Jadeite Bangle with Certificate,  coupon code on SALE page
And if your jade bangle order, which can be combined with the old mine lao pit jadeite bangles, is $650 or higher, your gift is a free silk ornate handbag, $50 value.

Weekend Special on Ying Yu Jade, 15% discount on unique collection of hollow carved jade "spice bottles".  These take a lot of time and talent for the jade carver to make, and are rarely on sale because we price them low, considering the rareness of these. Nice to hang, hold incense or other fragrance, and of course good qi energy for feng shui.  Great gift.

Hollow jade "spice bottle" on Ying Yu Jade
Weekend Special 2: purchase any jade pendant, get a free "Dragon Whiskers" adjustable silk cord or gold or silver bail, $7.50 value

Heavenly jade...make your holiday even better with genuine, natural jade.

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