Monday, December 7, 2015

Is My Jade Real Follow Up

I got a lot of comments and guesses by email, but only a couple readers actually commented.  I think this is a difficult format to comment on because your comment doesn't show up until I manually post it.  Anyway....

The top jadeite bangle is one from my personal collection, wearing it during December because it has the white jade color qi for keeping healthy in winter, along with a good basic green vein.  It's one of the "sisters" purchased when I bought all of the jade bangle bracelets he carved from one jadeite boulder.

The bottom jade bangle is one I purchased on ebay a few years ago as grade A.  I thought it really would be as described because it is very slender and classic round style, and fit part of the requirements for Qing Dynasty old mine lao pit jadeite.  When I received it, I tested it with refraction and it's real jadeite.  But it didn't "feel" comfortable on my wrist.  I kept removing it and setting it aside.  When I went through my personal collection of jade bangles to see what I should sell instead of hoard, I found it again.  But it had changed.  It was a C grade jadeite, meaning it was washed with acid to remove color, then color enhanced.  The polish was gone from the acid working on it, and the pretty veins had merged, like melting together.  

You may notice in some of the jade bangle listings a description of when it was purchased, and most were purchased between 2001-2007.  The jade bangles I personal purchased were from jade carvers in southern China near the Burma border, where most of the jade carvers are traditional and don't make jade for export or commercial selling.  I also purchased some in the Guangzhou jade market, and for the sellers to advertise they sell A grade, they must get government approval, with spot testing from monitors.  When I couldn't go to China, like the year we moved from Ohio to Florida, I bought jadeite from a contact I had in Guangzhou.  At that time, my jade business was growing because I left my "real" job to do online jade selling full time, in 2004.  Every dollar I had went into buying jade.  I saw the prices rising quickly, but didn't know an embargo was in the political works.  I just bought every jade bangle, carving, pendant I could get my hands on.  I packed them in boxes, and kept them in dark, cool and moist location.  By keeping them so long before selling them, I could discover if the color changed, so I would know if they weren't natural color. 

As one of the comments states, you have to get your jade tested to know if it is real, if it's jadeite, Chinese jade, or something else.  And time makes a great difference in jade.  If the color changes, you can know it's color treated.  And if it remains the same because it's natural, then you have a fine quality jade, that will increase in value because that kind of jade gets more rare as time passes.

Very vintage old mine lao pit jadeite pendant by one of China's bestjade carvers purchased in 2001 and listed on Jade Heaven today.Item #JHP111 Monkey, Peach, and Lucky Coin

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