Friday, November 6, 2015

Remember the "Make an Offer" Deals?

Long time customers will remember our "make an offer" sales. When the new web site was opened in May, it was more automated than the old site and transactions work out best if they are done online.  Also, long time customers will notice that the prices on the high end old mine "lao pit" jadeite are significantly lower than they were previously, so there's not much room for making an offer.  You really get a good deal on older, vintage genuine jadeite now because although the web sites are "new", they were developed to be more automated, have lower prices.   Long time customers have also seen my blogs about working towards retiring soon.  It's been a struggle to price the best quality jade as low as possible, because I know it has much higher value, is rare and precious, but I would like to see it sold and on a jade lover's wrist instead of a box in my inventory.

The old mine lao pit jadeite is truly rare and precious.  "Lao" means "old" in Chinese.  This jade was mined prior to the year 2000 and before the political and military conflicts in Burma.  Since then, the lao pit mines have been closed, abandoned, destroyed during the conflicts.  The USA despised the political situation, and put sanctions on Burma (Myanmar) to punish it for inhumane behavior.  The USA intended to embargo resources like gas, oil.  But you know how politics go.  The politics of politics and greed often wipe out any benefits.  Mr. Lantos was an embargo  promoter and lobbied in Washington for strict sanctions.  But when all was said an done, the only embargo was against jadeite and rubies. It became illegal to import jadeite to USA, even if it was purchased by Chinese, carved into bangles, pendants, and sold to USA citizens.  Did it work? No.  People in USA bought embargoed jadeite on ebay after the embargo date of 2008.  Could I risk buying jadeite considering  my significant jade web presence?   No.   That's why our descriptions state the year the jade was purchased on our shopping trips in China.

When I fell in love with jade in 1999, I was still working my "real" job, psychology and counseling.  Computer technology was become more common, and I went to a webmaster school to learn web design, and build a web site for online counseling.  It turned into a jade health and wellness web site when I learned about the healing characteristics of jade. When I went to Beijing to learn Chinese medicine,  I met a Chinese doctor who helped me get genuine natural Chinese jade for health tools like jade rollers and gua sha, and we met a jade expert who supplied jade for me.  I also went to China every year during my summer vacation to buy jade.  And I spent every extra dollar I made buying the grade A old mine jadeite bangle bracelets.  Not because I knew an embargo was coming, but because I planned to quit my real job in 2004 and sell jade online. I still have boxes of jadeite bangle bracelets I purchased during 1999-2005.  They turned out to be an investment I am using now.

And yes, it's all real jade.  I went to China the first time to learn Chinese medicine, learning about jade and healing and wellness, and committed myself to only "real" jade.  Working with a Chinese doctor meant only real, genuine jade.

Back on track to the subject selling old mine lao pit jadeite:   instead of "make an offer", this auspicious November I'm offering 11% off the collection on higher end priced jadeite bangles $1011+.  And the sale will go through November 11.  The details and coupon are on the Sale page.   

You will get a great discount price, and be able to purchase fine grained jadeite at prices lower than they sell them for in China.  I know it's priced lower than Chinese prices because I really get harassed by Chinese jade sellers about making my prices too low.

Also sale 11% off  on the Ying Yu Jade web site. 

Old Mine Lao Pit Grade A Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

The old experienced jade carvers would study their boulder of jadeite until they got a good "feel" for it, and decided how they wanted to use it.  Then they chose an auspicious day to do the carving.  I like that.   "Auspicious" and "jade" work well together. That's the basis for this sale, November, 11's, and Veteran's Day November 11.  I'm a Navy veteran, by the way.

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