Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jade for Women's Wellness -Jade "Yoni" Eggs for Kegel Exercise

We have been selling  jade eggs and ben wa balls for women's health for several years.   In fact, we were one of the first sellers of these in USA.  Now they are very popular, and have even been featured on television talk shows.  But with so many to choose from now, it can be confusing.

Jade Eggs for Women

Unfortunately, with this new web site that doesn't allow for much variation, I haven't found a good reviews program to add to it.  Most of our items are one of a kind, and when it's sold, it's "gone", so there's no way to leave a review for it.

Here's a review I received on Etsy:
"It's been three weeks since receiving my eggs I use them once a day.. I have gained so much control of my yoni. Intimacy is so much greater I am really happy ..Thank you so much.. They are truly a gift. "

I started selling them because I used them myself, and was very happy with how much tighter my pelvis got, and no more "gotta go" and I can sleep all night without having to get up and urinate.  And I think by using them, I honor my body more.

Jade Ben Wa Balls

This is Women's Wellness weekend on Jade Heaven, and the basic sets are priced lower than we have offered them in the past.  Try them now!  And if you like them, give them as a gift to a special lady friend.

Women's Wellness Weekend


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