Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jade for Craft Shows

It's that time of year, when holiday craft shows are popular.  Our community has a craft show in November.  This year, it was the Saturday after we were gone for a week, and I didn't have time to "get it together" to participate.  I always enjoy looking at what crafters make, and do some of my Christmas shopping at our local craft show.  A girlfriend and I used to knit fashion scarves using fancy yarns.  We are both busy women who enjoyed spending time with each other, but liked something to do with our hands, and loom knitting was perfect because we didn't have to think about it much, and then accomplished something while we were doing "nothing".  And we would sell them at the craft show.

I had my jade carver make very small jade baby bangle bracelets to use with the scarves and you could tie the bangle to the scarf for a unique jade item.  They never sold when I had them on the web site, but they were very popular at the craft show.  And I kept a supply of jade eggs and ben wa balls with me, which are also very popular.

My girlfriend who I used to shared a table with at the craft show told me people kept asking "where's that jade lady".   "That jade lady" will probably use the few scarves I still have to wrap around your new  pretty jade bangle bracelet you purchase for yourself during this holiday season.  If you want a scarf  with your jade bangle purchase, write a note in the comments box and while they last I will include it with your order. The small jade baby bangles are available on the YYJ web site.

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