Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gratitude - Another Reason Why People Wear Jade

Both new and long-time customers have been buying their special gift for themselves with the "excuse" (if you need an excuse) that's it's their holiday gift for themselves.  And women who reward themselves, cherish who they are.  I receive many emails of thanks from customers who receive their new jade bangle, or pendant or other jade item,  and they wish they could post a review, but when the one of a kind item is sold, there's nothing to review on.   They are grateful for their jade, I am grateful to have a jade lover as a customer.

I subscribe to an online medical journal, and the survey this week is "Is a Grateful Heart a Healthier Heart?", a small study with persons who have coronary heart disease keeping a daily gratitude list may reduce the rate of acute events.  94% say "yes".  From a cognitive behavioral point of view,  daily gratitude causes happiness, which raise the endorphin level in your body.  That helps your mood, decreases pain levels and those cognitive positives actually physically make you healthier. 

As I've written before, if you choose jade because you are attracted to it, and you are so attracted to it you perhaps drool when you look at, your heart beats faster, that's the qi energy of the jade working for you.  When you finally receive that particular piece, and have body contact with it, your body chemistry will change from the qi energy, from the psychological and physicals responses of having that jade piece on your body. 

Thanksgiving is an American tradition, but we can all benefit from a daily thanksgiving we personally practice.  Writing in a journal what you are grateful for each day is a transforming process for body, mind and spirit.  Your life will improve.  When you are going through a difficult day or long period in your life, to take the time to write down what you are grateful for is cognitive behavioral positive therapy for yourself.  It helps you have a happier day, and helps you get through difficult times in your life.

Most of the jade bangle bracelets have a description that's not just the physical description of the jade, it's also the qi  description:  "calm spirit", "Dao balancing", "high energy", "peaceful spirit", "overcoming adversity".   This is the qi energy of the jade based not only the energetic "feel", but also the Chinese medicine energy.  The colors are related to your body meridians, and the earth elements.  These are part of Chinese medicine, and the Dao.

"Harmony" Yang on Yin Small Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

"Charming Wealthy Snake Jadeite Pendant" 

"Free Your Spirit" White Translucent Jadeite Bangle Bracelet
Your jade is something that brings you gratitude.  And gratitude is good for  your heart,
all of you. 

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