Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jade Gifts for the Holidays - Jade Bangle Bracelets Gift

Women who love jade bangle bracelets often want to give a jade bangle as a special gift to someone but don't know what size they should get.  Since most Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets are one of a kind, and you give one of these to a friend, or a sister, and she falls in love with it at first sight, it could be very disappointing for her to exchange it because the exchanged one just won't be the same.

So you can you find someone's jade bangle size?  Men sometimes ask me this question when they want to buy a jade bangle for their wife, girlfriend or mother. 

If they admire your jade bangle and it occurs to you that you might buy one as a gift for them, have them try it on.  If it fits, then you know the size.  If it's a little large or small, you can go up or down a couple of millimeters.  Or while you are shopping with them, you can have them try on a costume jewelry bangle, and then learn the size from one that fits.

Another option is to get as close a guess as you can about the size, then order a Chinese jade classic style bangle from Ying Yu Jade.  These are very similar in color because my jade carver makes them from the same jade rough.  So they are not too difficult to exchange.  There are also some genuine and natural white, and deep deep green almost black jade bangles.

Genuine Natural Traditional Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

We often sell these green, black and white jade bangle bracelets to women who need several jade bangles that are similar.  Bridesmaids often all wear the same style, as a gift from the bride.  And sisters, best friends sometimes like to each have a jade bangle carved from the same jade stone.  That makes them special, true sisters in jade.

And of course if you purchase a jade bangle bracelet and it just doesn't fit right, we make exchanges as easy as possible for you.

So consider a special gift of jade, for someone special.

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