Friday, November 13, 2015

Black Friday for Jade?

Customers have been asking and waiting for "Black Friday" sales.  Some retailers have used Veterans Day and Friday the 13th as the beginning of Black Friday.  This weekend will start our holiday sales. 

There were stories on the news and online stating  Black Friday is often not the best time to get your best deals.  Research indicated that many retailers mark up their prices, so they can offer deep discounts during special sales.  Our prices have always been real prices, and our sales are always real sales.  I really get frustrated when I purchase something online, only tot see a lower price on it in less than a week.  And I try to treat customers the way I want to be treated, so I consider that when offering discounts and sales.

Heavenly Jade

Several jade loving customers make sure their account is up to date on our web sites.  Then they make a wish list by adding what they would love to have for holiday gifts.  Our shopping carts are designed to keep your added items in the cart.  They might sell out and not be available, but the cart stays intact.  Then they give the login information to their loved ones who want to buy something special for them, and the buyer can easily see their wish list items, and purchase them.  They often have the order  shipped to a work address so it will be a  real surprise. 

We will continue the Daily Specials and Sale collections, update them and offer good deals for you. When you see the storefront design "holiday style", you will know that discounts are the best and lowest prices we can offer.

Happy shopping!

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