Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Porch Pirates" How far can our jade go to protect us?

"Porch Pirates" have been in the news the past couple of weeks.  These pirates are people who follow delivery trucks, then when the truck leaves, if the package is on the porch, they take it.  And they walk around their neighborhood looking for packages the mail carrier left on porches, next to mail boxes, even peek in mail boxes to see if there's anything they would like to take.  Most often, the pirates are people who live in the neighborhood.

I pay an extra fee to my postage program to send me a daily report on packages that were delivered, packages with a delivery status of "failed" (whatever that means), and delivery status of "exception",  which usually means there wasn't anyone available to sign for a package when it was shipped with signature confirmation.  I was very relieved to see the "delivered" status until the porch pirates became more active.

The status could show "delivered" when you use the tracking number, but that doesn't mean the customer really got it.

For the holidays, and probably for the future, packages that have a value of around $200 or more will be shipped with signature confirmation.  Of course, that means shipping prices will increase.  But we both want to know that expensive jade bangle bracelet got on your wrist, not someone elses.

So what do you think happens to jade that is "pirated"?  Do you think the thief can wear the jade bangle with "happiness and good luck"? 

"Pirates" are a dilemma to deal with.  After much meditation on the problem,  I realized that although I can't win the war against them,  Karma will take effect and their jade will probably bring them bad luck.

This holiday season, and probably for the future, you can protect yourself from "porch pirates" several ways.  If you have home security, you can have cameras on your porch or where packages are delivered.   You can track the packages, and know when they arrive and be present.  Or if you can't be present, you can talk with your mail carrier if it's coming by USPS, and let mail carrier know where you want your package, somewhere safer.  If UPS, you can go online to change the delivery day if you won't be home to accept it.  Or request your seller to ship with signature required.  If it's USPS, and signature is required, you can arrange to have it delivered when you are available, or pick it up at your post office. The carrier will leave a note with your options.

Your jade has good qi energy to protect you.  Take precautions so you do get it.

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