Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How Do I Bless My Jade?

I often get asked "how do I bless my jade".   Some of us regard our jade as very sacred, and want to honor it, perhaps with a blessing.

I have two small jade carvings of Guan Yin,  Buddha of Compassion, and when I think about blessing jade, they come to mind.  Guan Yin holds a vase, symbol of blessing, and is standing on an open lotus.  I want to hold them, close to my heart.


Blog readers know I'm a Qi Healer and Reiki Master, and energy is a part of my life.  When it's time to take photos of jade, especially jade bangle bracelets, I get a box out of storage, and take out the jade bangles a few days in advance, because when they set in the box, and some have been boxed for more than 10 years, they make me wonder why I purchased them, they have no "personality".  We choose a day to take photos when the sun is out, not cloudy, and photograph the jade in natural light, although not directly in the sun.  I want them to look like they really are, and not edit them, so when you get your jade, it's like the photo shows.   While the photographer sets up, they get tested by refraction to make sure they are genuine jadeite, then I put them on my wrists, and when I get my wrists full, they are ready to be photographed.  Touching them for testing, having them on my wrist for awhile, and taking them outside in daylight, they start look much more pretty.  That's why I write in the descriptions that your jade will look more pretty as you wear it.  That's the qi energy.  You are blessing the jade with your qi, and the jade shares the qi with you.

 When customers ask me to infuse their jade with qi, or Reiki, I hold it in my hands during my meditation time.  I feel the flow of qi from the jade to my hands.  The jade gets a "glow" (and the arthritis in my fingers feels much better, too).

How to bless your jade:
Find a comfortable place to sit.  Hold your jade in your hands.  Focus exclusively on the jade in your hands.  Feel the jade.   Smile.  Gather your good feelings, wishes, hopes and dreams and place them in an imaginary gold  ball by your heart (or any color that appeals to you).  Push the gold ball through your arms to your hands, feel  your hands glow with the gold, and let your jade absorb your qi energy of the gold ball.  Hold it, enjoy the feeling for as long as you want to.  Your jade is blessed.

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