Monday, April 3, 2017

Sorting Through the Box of Jade, New Shipment and One (or Two!) for Me!

I truly believed I would have some of the jadeite bangle bracelets from my new shipment almost a week ago listed.  But...I have been working on it.

I opened each packet with the jade bangle inside, tested with refraction to make sure it is genuine jadeite, which was redundant with the presence of certificates and I could tell it was genuine jadeite, but it's my promise to you that they are "real jadeite bangle bracelets".

By the way, the packets are the traditional silk paper packets with cellophane  to protect it. You can remove the cellophane and keep your jade bangle in the pretty packet.

Then I matched each one to the certificates of gemology testing, made a label for each packet to correspond with the certificate, and put them in numerical order.

Each jade bangle gets examined and the corresponding certificate number placed on the packet

With the help of husband Tom, we now have them ready to photograph.  The photos are taken in natural daylight in an outdoor enclosed area, the photo shows part of the lanai room. By waiting til the lighting is "just right" and taking the photos, they need less editing so that most browsers show the "real thing" and our customers will not be disappointed by getting a jade bangle that had a photo shop editing. 

So how many that were my size did I keep for myself?  Actually, a low percentage, 7% of the 100 (7 jade bangles, one is in the photo above).  There were a lot more I would like to keep, but you would probably like to purchase some!  If you are on the mailing list for Jade Heaven, you will receive an email so you can have first choice!  Soon, I hope.

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