Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets: The Old and the New, and My Personal Jade Bangles

My husband, who has shopped in China with me for jade bangle bracelets, helped me unpack and organize the new shipment of Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with certificates of gemology testing.  He commented that these new jadeite bangles looked like "real jade", not the softer color older jadeite, carved before the year 2000, that I had been purchasing.  Now that older jade is more rare, often in jade seller's safes, so difficult to purchase.

Burmese jadeite grade A bangle bracelets from most recent shipment
I took the jade bangle on the left to keep for myself, and have been wearing it.  Very "yang" energy, giving me more energy, but I think too much, because difficulty sleeping at night. I can go all day without a nap when I wear it, and still have energy in the evening.

The photos can't truly show the difference in the jadeite stone between the old and the new:

 You can see the yin and and the yang, light and darkness.  And the one I kept for myself has some yin white "clouds" veins to balance the yang.

The newer jadeite bangles are beautiful, well polished, good color and good carving workmanship, but they just don't have the "glow" of the old mine jadeite.

Two jadeite bangles with jadeite bead bracelets between the for protection (and they look great!)

I wore them together for awhile, with two elastic jadeite bead bracelets between them so they wouldn't hit each other, and run the risk of cracking.  The "new" jade bangle is thicker inside to outside, has a satisfying "heavy" feel (part of the yang) due to the weight of it.

And then I got sidetracked looking for the jadeite beads bracelets because I want to add them to Jade Heaven web site.   You can see in the photo below that they look so nice with any kind of jadeite.

I like to take some photos of the jade bangle bracelets on my wrist, because although they are beautiful in the single photo, being on a human wrist gives them a "glow" due to sharing of jade qi with body qi energy.  But I haven't been able to get them on my wrist easily because I burned my wrist, not only once, but twice, while getting food in and out of the oven.  And the burns are on the bottom of my thumb knuckle, the tightest part of the wrist when putting on a jade bangle bracelet.  I used a thin plastic bag from grocery produce department to put on and take off.

Jade bangle too tight?  Use a thin plastic bag to put on / take off

I burn my wrist often when using the oven.  If you do, too, you know how that makes putting on and taking off jade bangles painful. And this burn is close enough to my jade bangle that the bangle touches it.  I immediately ordered oven rack shields from Amazon, and they have already saved me more burns since I got them three weeks ago.

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