Friday, April 21, 2017

Is My Jade Real: Responses and Answers

Thanks for your emails, comments and guesses.  And here's the answers to yesterday's blog post.

But first, the most "real" answer is that you need a GIA gemologist to appraise the jadeite stone with gemology testing equipment.  The gemologist can guess, but needs the testing equipment to know for sure.

The jade bangle photos I posted were all taken from ebay.

True fake jade. Priced at $35

Grade a genuine natural Burmese jadeite, with certificate. Priced at $500
99.9% probably jadeite, and color treated because price only $20

Most of the emails I received were correct. And most of the emails were from long time Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven customers.   The #1 fake jade was the "fooler" because the responses were it was color treated, but not everyone knew that it is not jade.  Jade doesn't look like that.

Thanks again for your emails, and if you were right about all three,  a small gift is coming your way.
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