Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is My Jade Bangle Bracelet Real? Experience Helps You Decide

We have spent at least two weeks taking and editing photos of the new shipment of Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets grade A with certificates.  At least 20 photos are taken for each jade bangle, often up to 50, to get the ones that show that jade as it really is.  I do not want customers to be disappointed when they receive their jade because the "real thing" doesn't look like the photo.  When the photo is listed, I check on different browsers including a desktop Windows, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an Amazon tablet, an iPhone and another Windows laptop with three browsers. 

A "jade sister" from Ohio sent me an email a couple of weeks ago that they went to a show that had a jade bangle bracelet seller. She looked through the selection, talked to the seller who told her they were natural grade A.  But she had a "feeling" that they weren't.  She has been wearing genuine and natural jadeite for several years, and her experience with owning genuine natural jadeite has given her knowledge about the quality of jade.  When you wear good quality jade, you know how it "feels" and that gives you intuitive knowledge when you are looking at jade.  When I'm listing jade, sometimes a piece just doesn't feel right.  I have some gemology testing equipment, and I can test with refraction to get a result if it's jadeite, or something else. 

The other consideration is that jadeite might be "real jadeite" but it might not be natural color. And just because jadeite is B or C grade, doesn't mean it's not "real" jade. 

Here's a learning experience:  three jade bangle bracelets you can look at to decide which one, if any is "real" and natural color:

 #1 Real genuine and natural jadeite,  or "fake" , or real and color treated
#2Real genuine and natural jadeite,  or "fake" , or real and color treated
#3 Real genuine and natural jadeite,  or "fake" , or real and color treated

And you can guess the price.  

Answers in the next Jade Blogger.

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