Friday, April 7, 2017

New Jadeite Bangles from the New Shipment Being Added Now, Sale Prices for Limited Time

I'm finally getting the photographed Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with certificates from last week's shipment added to Jade Heaven web site.  It is a true pleasure to hold them, touch them while feeling for any cracks or chips.  As a get a "feel" for the jade qi energy so I can write a good description, the color comes more alive in my hands.  They have been in storage, then shipping for a long time.  I think jade qi energy goes into hibernation when they are boxed up, in the dark for awhile.  Like the jade you put in your drawer for awhile, then when you think to take it out, you might wonder if it's really the one you put away, because it looks different.  Then you put it on, and the jade's "glow" comes back.

When I add the photos to the listing, sometimes I see what looks like incorrect photo editing.  Small areas that look slightly lavender.  As I worked with them, I realized that quite a few of these really do have some soft lavender, and some even have good veins of 

Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet #3079

And isn't it nice to know that you can be sure you are getting real and natural jadeite, because each one of these comes with a free certificate of gemology testing.

More will be added.  The jade bangles in the "Heavenly Jade Sale" are the new listings with discount prices. When more are added, the present ones will be removed to make room in the Sale section, and the sale price will be removed, too.  If you see one you like, get it now. The price is right, and it will look more pretty than the photo shows.

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