Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unpacking Jade, but With a Twist

I've stated that I buy only jade that I personally would own and wear, and that's the truth! So when I sell the one of a kind jade pendants, necklaces, jewelry and bangle bracelets, I give them a very fond farewell, and show the customer how special their purchase is.

One of my long time customers purchased a jadeite bangle bracelet for herself prior to Christmas.  She likes the natural-ness of jade, and often chooses pieces that have that natural feature like inclusion lines, or even tiny chips and scratches made by the jade carver during the process.  She also has a young son who loves the jade his mom buys, so I sent a special gift for him, too.  Last month she sent me an email that she had been carrying the package in her handbag since she received it, because she loved the "feel" of having it unopened.  She waited for an auspicious time to finally open it.

And she sent me photos of the process, because it was so special to her.

I sent a hand colored card I made for her, and wrapped a yarn around the box

Packed with tissue paper to keep the jade bangle secure

The photo doesn't show how beautiful the carved jadeite bangle bracelet really is

This was a special jade bangle that I had hoarded for awhile, but knew it needed a wrist, not a drawer to hide in.  And I wanted to show her how special it was.  And she showed me how special it was to her, too.  She is a true "jade sister".

If you have ordered in the past few months a one of a kind item, you probably received a personal note from me.  I love to stamp and color with colored pencils.  It's my way of appreciating YOU as a customer.

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