Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jade Gua Sha Tool for Hair and Scalp Care and Beauty

Ying Yu Jade was the first seller of jade gua sha scraping tools in the US, and we've been selling them for 17 years now.  I started with a basic style, the kind Chinese people kept in their "medicine cabinets" to use when someone was coming down with a cold.  We reach for the cold pills, and they reach for gua sha tools to scrape the back of the neck, raising the "sha", blood, to release stuck qi that's causing illness.
In the past couple of years, I'm shocked that jade gua sha tools are being sold for facial beauty and wrinkle reducing on the face.  Scraping the delicate face breaks the small blood vessels and can permanently leave marks on your facial skin.  And that's not  "beauty".   Never scrape your face with jade gua sha tools.  Use a jade roller to gently loosen the wrinkle areas, like in our FrownEase kits.

Ying Yu Jade FrownEase Wrinkle Relaxer Kit

One of the jade gua sha tools is getting more attention the past few months.  It's the tool that has a "comb" on one edge.

Jade Gua Sha and Comb Combination

 I sold the last jade comb on Ying Yu Jade this week.  But jade combs are not really made for combing your hair.  They are meant for stimulating your scalp.  I keep one on my night stand and use it every morning before I get up, running the "comb" points over my scalp.  This use stimulates the scalp and can improve hair growth, especially as you age.  It also stimulates your brain.  What could be more wonderful than a dose of jade on your brain, first thing in the morning!

I also sold the last jade facial mask from inventory the end of last month.  I wasn't going to order more because it is costly to get them made, tying together the small pieces of jade so they are flexible and will feel comfortable on your face.  I have one that I use at night, after using the jade roller and heat pad on my forehead.  I love the cooling, good energy feel of the mask.  So I ordered more jade masks and more jade gua sha tools with comb, and plan to put together a package for customers who want to use pure and natural jade for health and beauty.  And if you also love some of the "beauty creams" available, you can put the mask over your face after you have used your creams, and the weight of the jade will help it "set" for good results.

 I'm waiting...waiting....waiting for them to arrive.  I would like to make a video about using these, but can't find a volunteer to show how they are used while I make and narrate the video.  We're all getting up in years, and using the jade because we need it, and somewhat reluctant to have the internet world see what we really look like!

Too bad jade isn't "magic".  But natural, healthy jade is very good for the skin.

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