Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jade Bangle Bracelets and Heat - Too Much Heat

I received a jade question last week from someone whose family tradition jade pendant set in gold was found when cleaning up from a house fire.  The gold had melted slightly, and the jade had turned black.  She was wondering if maybe the jade was not natural color, or even real jade, because it turned black.

To know if the jade was real, of course it should be tested by refraction.

The fire had to be quite intense for gold to melt.

And jade doesn't like heat.  Jade likes cool temperatures and moistness.  The shops where I bought jade in China did not have lights on until they were turned on for a customer, or other reason.  And there were bowls of water around the jade to give it moisture.

I live in central Florida, and it has been unseasonably heat the past few weeks.  My regular every day jade bangle bracelet felt too heavy, so I changed to a more slender and lighter color jadeite bangle bracelet a couple of days ago.  I keep all of the jade that is listed on the web site, and those jades in inventory in a very cool room, in boxes or closet to keep it dark.  Often customers will tell me that when they receive their jade, they're not sure it was the one they ordered because the color seemed bland, but then they put it on and wear it and their body and qi energy improve the color and give it a glow.  When jade bangles are being photographed and listed, they are often on my wrist, or nearby in a room temperature area for the weeks I am working with them, and the color is at its best.

My slender, summer Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet worn with a carved jadeite bead stretch bracelet to keep it from sliding up my armCarved bead bracelet available on Jade Heaven #JHBRAC-18

Although jade likes coolness, none of my jade has been damaged during the many hot months during the year when I wear it outdoors, in the pool with chlorine, or in the hot tub. When I return indoors after being out in the heat, I wash my jade bangle with cool water and hand soap to remove sweat and sunscreen, chlorine from the pool..  Polish it with a soft cloth, and it is in good condition.

I keep pieces of Chinese jade when it breaks, or I receive damaged jade.  I use them outdoors and bury them along with the roots of my favorite plants in the landscape.  Sometimes the squirrels and other animals dig them up and they are on the top of the soil for a long time.  The heat really damages them, the lose their good green color and polish, and look grainy, not even like jade.

So you can wear your every day jade bangle bracelet all day, every day, and it will be fine if you keep it clean.  Wear it in the shower or when you bathe.  If you enjoy the environment, chances are your jade will enjoy it, too.

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  1. Hello - I love reading your blog! We adopted our daughter from China five years ago. I bought bracelets as souvenirs - mine is similar to our guide there who was a lovely woman, so it's a nice remembrance of her. I bought a bracelet for my daughter, but I didn't realize she would be a petite person (4'4") so the bracelet will always be too big on her. After reading your blog and seeing all the lovely photos of jade - It makes me wonder what I have exactly. I know my bracelet is jadeite - and the one that is too big may be jadeite too - but it looks very different from mine. I wondered if I might send you a photo of the bracelet and if you might tell me what you think. We live in a small city without any jade dealers to talk with. I am curious as to what I have - and after reading your blog and seeing the lovely river jade, I expect more bracelets will be in my future. :) Thank for sharing your passion and knowledge.

  2. Thanks for reading the blog. You can send photos to yingyujade @ Please edit the photos so they are not large than 400x300. I have some small jade bangle bracelets that might be a good size for your daughter. Burmese jadeite and Chinese jade are very different, as you can see on the web site. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi, my jade bangle recently broke. I have heard you should bury them and I see in your blog that you bury your broken pieces. Is this correct and is there anywhere in particular they should be buried.

  4. It seems very natural to put broken jade back into the earth. By putting the pieces near a plant, it gives both the plant and the jade life. It honors the jade, because the belief is that when your jade breaks, it is protecting you by taking the damage.