Monday, May 22, 2017

"Modern" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets

Prior to the Lantos Embargo on Burmese jadeite that prohibited jade from Burma (Myanamar) I went to China every year to personally buy jade from the jade carvers near the Burma border.  They did not work with "commercial jade", but made genuine and natural jadeite bangle bracelets for Chinese and Asian people.  That's reason the jadeite bangle bracelets on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade web sites are smaller size, usually less that 60mm inside diameter, and it was rare that I could find jadeite bangle bracelets larger than 60mm.   (The Lantos Embargo affected rubies also.  But very few people knew about it, and bought jadeite on ebay and it was rare that they were confiscated in US customs.)

When I went on a buying trip in 2005 I hired a young Chinese woman to go with us because I wanted to explore, and needed a "local" to help with travel and language.  She was in her mid-20's, and she told me that neither she or her friends cared about jade bangle bracelets.  Jade bangles were for "grandmothers",  and they were more modern.  We were in a small city popular with jade carvers, and saw some jade bangle bracelets that were really different from the usual ones I bought.  They had less translucency, the green was not the cherished imperial green color, but they were very green and the colors more "yang", deep color.

I started bargaining for them (there are no prices on jade in jade markets, and you bargain for everything you buy).  They were very cheap compared to the other jadeite I had purchased, and I wanted only a few to see if my web site customers would like them. As I was finishing the bargaining, myy assistant nudged me and put three more in the in the lot to bargain for, then two more.  She whispered that she would pay me later.  I was surprised, but didn't say anything because I didn't want the seller to know how much we wanted them.  And of course I got one for myself.

After we can done with the purchase, and tea ceremony that followed, my assistant told me that she was so excited because she found "modern jade" and that's what she and her friends would like to wear.   And a few weeks later, she sent me an email about how much her friends really did like them.

After the embargo, I ordered 100 jadeite bangles, and my other jade supplier in China said the A grade included certificates of gemology testing.  Many of them looked like the "modern" jadeite I had purchased years before.  So I ordered another 100, and they were the same.  I couldn't purchase the "old mine" kind of jadeite anymore.  That was not available, or kept in safes and sold one at a time because you couldn't get that quality.

I still have quite a few of the older jadeite in inventory, not listed.  I always labeled each box with the year I purchased them, and the location.  You can see the difference of jadeite stone when you look at the and the newer ones with certificates on Jade Heaven.  And the "old mine" jadeite bangle bracelets are priced higher because they have higher value for being more rare now.

They are all genuine and natural jadeite.  You have your choice of older traditional jadeite, and "modern" jade.

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