Friday, May 12, 2017

Get Jaded! Beautiful for Jade for Your Beautiful Face and Hair

Jade is beautiful and will enhance your personal beauty and health.  Ying Yu Jade put together this kit of jade health tools to help relax wrinkles, help your facial skin to become more healthy and beautiful, and stimulate your scalp to improve head health and better hair, and maybe even stimulate your brain.

Listed just today and will be the Weekend Special. Save nearly one third if you purchased each separately, and you will have them all together for you to use at your convenience.

I personally have used all of the jade tools on my face and scalp.  The heat pack was developed by a Chinese doctor in Beijing and I have kept the "recipe" and continued making them here in the USA.  I have used jade rollers since I learned about them in 1999, and saw them featured when I toured the Forbidden City, learning the concubines and royalty have used them for centuries.  The jade mask feels so awesome, I use it every night as soon as I get into bed.  It calms me, and feels so good on my face and head.  And as I'm aging, my hair had been getting more thin, so I also use the jade gua sha tool with the comb to stimulate my scalp.  I use it at night, and maybe that's why I have such interesting dreams!  I am sure it also stimulates the brain, and that's important as you age.

Be the first to purchase these revolutionary "ancient" jade health tools and "get jaded", jade for your head and face. Check them out now!

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