Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Dragon Whiskers"

My personal jewelry is either 18K gold or good quality .925 sterling silver. When I was listing the older vintage jadeite pendants on the web sites, I kept some for myself, my usual
"hoarding" behavior.  I purchased a few very good bails for pendants, both gold and sterling silver and have used these bails for years so I can wear the jade pendant on one of my chains.  But I have some larger, heavier jade pendants that just don't look right with a bail and are so heavy the pull the chain when it's attached.   Also, these old mine "lao pit" jade pendants just don't look right with bails.  They seem to need something more natural to look and feel right to wear. 

Some of the jade necklaces for sale on the sites are on adjustable silk cords with additional jade beads for accents, and I love that kind of necklace. 

Jade Heaven

The answer to adding something to these big, or vintage jade pendants is the "Dragon Whisker" cord.  They are silk cord with knots tied in the traditional way to make it adjustable. The are often accented with jade beads, also.  A jade pendant attached to a Dragon Whisker cord looks great with a simple t-shirt, and elegant with a little black dress.  They are especially good for the "bi" circle, or donut, round pendants.

For The Jade Blogger readers, if you order a bi jadeite pendant from Jade Heaven or Ying Yu Jade by May 5, 2015, you can receive a free Dragon Whiskers silk cord FREE.  Write "free Dragon Whiskers" in the comments box on your order, and we will attach one to your bi pendant, no charge to you.  The cords will sell for $8-12 when we get them listed on the web site, and if any remain after the free offer and the ones I use to attach the pendants I'm hoarding!

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